THE NEW WORLD is a video-on-demand platform that presents interviews with leading experts and opinionmakers from various disciplines that discuss the great developments in today’s society. It is an initiative of philosopher Ad Verbrugge in cooperation with anchors Jelle van Baardewijk, Marlies Dekkers, Marthe van Rijn and Thomas Bollen.

Change is the only Constant


Yet, there are periods when the pace and scale of change is so striking that change itself becomes a primary characteristic of the times

This is the case today

As the twenty-first century advances, life conditions in many countries have reached a dynamic stage: technologies to deal with every aspect of daily life are being developed at the speed of light, climate change is nearing a dangerous tipping point, and the world’s power balance is slowly shifting towards dictatorial regimes. A new world is emerging, where governmental, institutional and profit-maximizing entities and ideologically radical forces are assuming a leading role in instigating and managing change. Aided by big data technology these entities are producing transformations of immense proportions and deep societal implications.

Many people feel lost, propelled by forces they cannot control.

That is why THE NEW WORLD invites experts from different disciplines to discuss the grand developments of the current epoch. Through these great in-depth interviews, THE NEW WORLD hopes to contribute to the understanding of where the world is headed at a time of great historic transitions.