Managing Director

Born and brought up in Cape Town, South Africa. She lives in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.



She studied theology at the Catholic Theological University of Amsterdam for 3 years, went to London for a year and studied film and photography at the Polytechnic of Central London. She returned to Holland to study film directing, script writing and production at the Dutch Film and Television Academy,. In 1998 she went to the Binger Film Institute, in Amsterdam, for a post-academic course for feature films and studied script writing & directing.


She has over 20 years of documentary experience. Most of the documentaries are shot in South Africa, others in Australia, Colombia, Cuba and Holland. She made films about war veterans, (Across the Border) extreme right wing organisations (The Beloved Country,) Sadomasochism, (SM, Why?), immigrants (Little Groningen), the San people (Out of Eden), prisoners (Prison Blues) and of photographers Roger Ballen, (Selfportait) and Kees Tabak (No More Heroes). Etc. Her most recent documentaries are ‘White Poverty’ and ‘Leaving Mandela Park” . Most films are shot on 16 mm film, a few other documentaries she films herself on video. Nearly all her documentaries have been selected for  foreign Film Festivals and sold to foreign networks.


Started as a director’s assistant to a feature film; directed comedy sketches which were broadcasted in many countries; since then she made various short drama films for television. She’s developing her first feature film script.


She worked for television making a  weekly  music program, children and youth programs, video clips, news items, and educational programs. She has worked for nearly all the public broadcasters in Holland, most of all for the VPRO, NPS, Humanists, and IKON. The last few years she mainly focuses on making high-end documentaries



She has also worked as a jury member at the Dutch Film Festival, Dutch Film Fund and now and then teaches at various film schoolsl. Besides making her own films, she now and then works as a camerawoman.
She was co-producer and owner of Springbok Film before starting Peacefield Films where she continues developing, writing, directing and producing documentaries.