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Pascale and Jean-Denis Lilot

To encourage wonderment, peace, respect of life and what allows life.

Mission of the Clerheid School, founders Pascale and Jean-Denis Lilot

Pascale and Jean-Denis Lilot manage the Clerheid School, in which framework they are producing the extraordinary documentary series Children’s Words.

Clerheid School

Pascale and Jean-Denis Lilot are the guardians of the Clerheid School. The Clerheid’s School is recognized by the French Community of Belgium as a center of meeting and hosting educational activities around the organization of school camps and holiday camps for kids and teenagers. The Clerheid School is characterized by a specific world vision and represents the following educational priorities:

  • To encourage wonderment, peace, respect of life and what allows life.
  • To stimulate solidarity learning and caring of each other.
  • To give priority to self-realization and welcome every child, each youngster no matter his/her origin, philosophy, age, character.
  • To encourage a good understanding of freedom
  • To raise consciousness to art, responsibility and initiative.
  • To be especially demanding about the enthusiastic motivation of all.
  • To allow the awakening of a critical mind.

Documentary Work

Documentary Series Children answer philosophical questionsWithin the framework of this vision, Pascale and Jean-Denis Lilot have also produced an extraordinary 26-part documentary series titled Children’s words, in French, Les Paroles des Enfants. In the series Pascale and Jean-Denis Lilot, travel the world to chronicle children as they answer life’s biggest questions. Children’s Words is an extraordinary project covering nearly three years of research.

When completed in 2022, the result will be an extensive collection of educational shorts that show children from all around the world as they discuss 52 major philosophical questions. There are currently 29 episodes that have been edited and are available at DocsOnline. The rest will be released according to the below timeline. Please subscribe to their channel, to be and among the first notified and to receive regular updates about the progress, including unique production stories.

Most notable is the educational value of the series. Both directors are educators and appropriate course materials are supplied with each episode. The series can easily be incorporated into any teaching program. Please contact us for additional information.

Pascale Lilot

Pascale Lilot is a teacher and has an MBA in philosophy. Married to Jean-Denis, she joins him in the educational and creative activities at the Clerheid School. She runs philosophy workshops for children and teenagers.

Jean-Denis Lilot

Jean-Denis is a painter and sculptor by training. His artistic background, however, is only a means for him to act in the field of education. He founded the Clerheid School to carry out a specific educational project based on values such as listening, openness to others, creativity, … This attitude is very much reflected in the series.