• 55 min.

    The children of Sisyphus

    Didier Minne, 2011

    This film is an encounter with the daily life of children with autism or psychosis.

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  • 70 min.

    Rooms without a view

    Marre, Emmauel, 2013

    A portrait of a hotel where many different people share the the same uniform environment.

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  • 58 min.


    Manuel Poutte, 2010

    In the documentary Fritkot a fritkot is being followed near a train station of a small town. The owner of it is much more than someone who’s baking fries.

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  • 50 min.

    Nothing Remains

    Natasja van Wijk, 2012

    The final months of dairy shop Kors in the middle of Amsterdam South, show us the ways of one of the most declining neighbourhoods of Holland.

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  • 90 min.

    Hill of Pleasures

    Maria Ramos, 2013

    In 2011, law and order was restored by military operation in the Hill of Pleasures slum in Rio de Janeiro. The Police became the tool of Brazils new policy of conquering citizenship. How do inhabitants and occupants of the Hill assess their new situation?

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  • 72 min.


    Joke Nyssen, 2011

    Jef an 18 year old boy has been suffering from severe stuttering. With his parents he undertook many tries to get rid of that stuttering, but in vain. Now, he will face his problem again, now helped by Gert, his new therapist , a former stutterer himself.

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  • 72 min.

    No Comment

    Poissonnier, Pascal, 2011

    During the longest political crisis ever, director Pascal Poissonnier filmed for over more than a year a couple of leading political journalists during there daily work.

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  • 52 min.


    Marta Bergman, Frederic Fichefet, 2005

    In Clejani, a village in southern Romania, luck has turned since the recent death of the oldest musician, the violinist, Nicolae Neacsu. It is as if he had carried off with him into the beyond the last bearings of a still viable world.

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  • 54 min.

    The Girls of Phnom Penh

    Watson, Matthew, 2009

    Girls of Phnom Penh is a documentary about the girls who work in the Sex Industry in Cambodia .

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  • 58 min.

    Fokking Hell!

    Velde, Peter ter & Feijten, Eric & Stakelbeek, Hans, 2010

    How could one possibly know what the life of a Dutch soldier deployed in Afghanistan looks like?

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  • 76 min.

    En passant

    Boelsums, Mirjam & Scharenborg, Lony, 2003

    The journey of the Rhine, all the way from the creeks in the majestic Alp mountain tops to the broad river banks near the North Sea, is the foundation for this extraordinary journey by train.

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