Investigative documentaries

  • 82 min.

    Back to Utopia

    Fabio Wuytack, 2016

    The 500-year-old book UTOPIA takes us on a journey through the world of today.

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  • 70 min.

    Deadly love

    Pighetti, Olivier, 2012

    In February 2012, Bruno Zuliani murdered his three children and then hanged himself, leaving wife, Odile, to deal with the consequences.

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  • 52 min.

    Serial Killers

    Necek, Barbara, 2009

    What turns someone into a serial killer? How do they go undetected for so long and what compels them to keep killing?

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  • 60 min.


    Spears, Libby, 2009

    The documentary Playground is about paedophilia and sexual exploitation of children in America. The filmmaker held interviews with pimps, victims and police officers and shows us how young children are pushed into prostitution.

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  • 77 min.

    The freeing of Ingrid Betancourt

    Mariani , Pascale & Langlois, Romeo, 2008

    The sensational story behind the liberation of Ingrid Betancourt. On the 2nd July, 2008 the Colombian army rescued Ingrid Betancourt, FARCs most valuable hostage.

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