• 55 min.

    Vesuvio Beat

    Totaro, Maria, 2005

    For the local population of Napels, Italy the Vesuvius is much more than just a natural phenomenon. The volcano is a representation of life and death, the bringer of fertility and danger.

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  • 52 min.

    Dinosaurs, on the Trail of Prehistory

    Kahler, Kristan & Schwamborn, Yvonne, 2010

    The discovery of a remarkable set of dinosaur tracks in a quarry near Obernkirchen, Germany, was a huge impulse for the international paleontology community. The film follows the team of passionate paleontologists.

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  • 52 min.

    Nanoworld or Abyss

    Gateau, Vivian, 2008

    Are human beings becoming obsolete? Do we have legitimate reasons to be scared of cyborgs? The merging of man and machine is approaching, thanks to the development of nanotechnology.

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  • 18 min.

    Solar System

    Smith, Tom, 1977

    Solar System takes the viewer on an intriguing journey through space. This impressive film was created by Tom Smith in 1977, using solely visual effects.

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