• 17 min.

    Nadia's Tics

    Laetitia Schoofs, 2011

    The first day of high school is very stressful for 12-year-old Nadia.

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  • 52 min.

    Brain Doping

    Schidlowsky, Christian & Prinzler, Hannah, 2011

    Does our brain need help to deal with the coping demands from our society? With a perfect brain at hand, neuroscientists are testing for ways to improve our memory, creativity and emotional intelligence.

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  • 56 min.

    Underhand Tactics; Neuro Marketing

    Bringer, Benoit, 2012

    There is a big chance that you unknowingly have fallen victim to a new controversial sales method called neuromarketing. It is a technique to subconsciously control the brain and is used by companies to manipulate consumers into buying their products.

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  • 93 min.

    The English surgeon

    Smith, Geoffrey, 2007

    The English surgeon gives you the opportunity to see a real hero in action; neurosurgeon Henry Marsh.

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