• 185 min.

    Gandhi's Children

    MacDougall, David, 2008

    Gandhi’s Children chronicles the life of children in what the filmmaker calls "the exact opposite of Doon," a shelter for orphans and juvenile detainees run by an Indian non-governmental organization.

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  • 55 min.

    Closed District

    Pierre Yves-Vandeweerd, 2005

    In 1996 filmmaker Pierre Yves-Vandeweerd travelled to the village of Mankien in South Sudan to film the civil war that was raging on in that area for decades. The town always had a strategic position.

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  • 56 min.

    Red Hair and black coffee

    Bochet, Milena, 2012

    This film offers an exclusive view on a hidden Romani village located deep down in a Slovakian valley, where a spirit; the old red-haired lady Vozarania still wanders around.

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  • 55 min.

    My Mothers Farm

    Burkovska Jacobsen, Ilze, 2008

    Tale Kalna is a magnificent woman: hardworking, clever, strong and with a great sense for human relationships. In another life, Tale Kalna may have made it to the presidency of Latvia, but reality has made her a farmer.

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  • 58 min.

    The golden beach

    Wester, Hasse, 2008

    In a valley near a stunning beach in Southern India, Swedish filmmaker Hasse Wester made friends with a local farmer Maneshwara. In this personally told story we follow Hasse'€™s friendship with Maneshwara over a period of 20 years.

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  • 52 min.

    The Last Knights

    Leopardi, Marco & Cauli, Federico, 2001

    In the Strait of Messina the sword fish hunters pursue their prey with a harpoon. This fascinating fishing technique dates back to the Phoenicians times and today it hardly survive in that strip of sea between Calabria and Sicily.

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  • 53 min.

    Between two worlds

    Haasen, Bettina, 1999

    'Between two worlds' is a ethnografical road movie which offers a confidential glance in the rural life of the Wodaabe tribe.

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  • 65 min.

    Bushman's secret

    Desai, Rehad, 2006

    The Bushman's secret is a story about how western pharmaceutical industry is benefiting from age-old knowledge and traditions still found in the Kalahari desert in Africa.

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  • 84 min.

    Apaga y vamonos

    Mayol, Manel, 2005

    In a compelling analysis of tribal tradition and corporate power, Apaga y vamonos documents the misfortune of the Chilian Pehuenche people.

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  • 24 min.

    Affectionately known as Alex

    Turken, Danny, 2008

    In this film, four white South African veterans who fought on the border of occupied Namibia and Angola in the 70s and 80s together with thousands of other young white conscript soldiers reflect on their terrifying adventures.

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  • 88 min.

    Sons of the land

    Bergeon, Edouard, 2012

    French farmers are killing themselves in record numbers, driven to suicide by loneliness, loss of status and financial woes.

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  • 48 min.

    Chicken Elections

    Radovanovic, Goran, 2005

    By filming the lives of elderly Milena and her nephew, police officer Zoran, director Radovanovic depicts the contemporary society of the Serbian countryside.

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  • 53 min.

    The way of the Ink

    Valente, Pamela & Bagot, Pascal, 2010

    Irezumi, the age-old traditional Japanese tattoo art continues to amaze and mesmerize people from all over the world.

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  • 68 min.


    Niglas, Liivo, 2010

    For centuries, the magnificent, frozen land of the Koryak Okrug on the Kamchatka peninsula was the home of the Itelmen. Nowadays, the Itelmen communities are gone and the language is rarely spoken.

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  • 85 min.

    Coming to light

    Makepeace, Anne, 2000

    Coming to Light tells the story of self-educated pioneer and visionary artist Edward Sheriff Curtis who set out in 1900 to document traditional Indian life on the imminent brink of extinction.

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  • 96 min.

    Nostalgia for death

    Gieling, Ramon, 1992

    Death tends to be something mysterious and yet interconnected with life itself. The Mexicans have a special relationship with death. Their way of dealing with death and the dead is based on old rituals of the Aztecs.

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  • 80 min.

    Nanook of the North

    Foherty, Robert, 1922

    This epic work of Robert Flaherty has often been called the first documentary ever made. This silent film ravishes the viewer with black and white images of the fairy-like world of ice and snow.

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  • 78 min.

    Jean Rouch with Robert Gardner

    Screening Room series, 1980

    Jean Rouch was a universally-acclaimed filmmaker, anthropologist, civil engineer, explorer, and storyteller.

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  • 65 min.

    The last trace

    Castillo, Paolo, 2001

    The last trace is about two women, Ursula and Christina of the Yagan community in Chile.

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  • 57 min.

    The furthest boundary

    Ratto, Pablo, 2004

    Director Ratto succesfully intertwines the clinical world of forensic anthropology with the moving stories of Argentinian people searching for the traces of their disappeared loved ones.

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  • 51 min.

    The Face of Evil

    Tosco, David, 2006

    The central question of David Tosco's documentary "The Face of Evil" - can we recognize a criminal by his/her appearance? The film discusses the different physical images that were projected upon criminals throughout history.

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  • 88 min.


    Ramseier, Peter, 2005

    Magnificent footage of the Finnish tundra landscape, accompanied by hypnotic Sami music lead us through the vanishing world of the reindeer herders.

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  • 80 min.


    Endara Mislov, Ana, 2007

    Seen through the eyes of local photographer Kenneth, the documentary presents a candid portrait of the Panamanian shanty district Curundu.

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  • 98 min.


    Paes & Rajaonarivelo, 2005

    The documentary tells the stories of the seven members of Mahaleo, a popular band in Madagascar. Together they write songs about life´s important themes, such as friendship, love, birth and death.

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  • 89 min.

    Panorama Ephemera

    Prelinger, Rick, 2004

    The documentary Panorama Ephemera gives an overview of life in America in the period 1626-1978.

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  • 65 min.

    The women are beautiful at Bamako

    Succab-Goldman, Christiane, 1995

    In Bamako, the capital of Mali, it is the women who keep society running. This documentary portrays the lives of a number of these colorful women: they are lawyers, historians, teachers, traditional healers, and businesswomen.

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  • 50 min.

    Lust for gold

    Kraanen, Joost, 1990

    Deep in the territory of the Brazilian Amazon forty thousand gold miners live together with nine thousand Indians. As the ever-expanding gold mines push closer to the Indian reservation, tribal tradition and cultural identity stand to risk dissipation.

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  • 54 min.

    Kids of the coal mine

    Jean, Patric, 1999

    Winner of the IDFA Silver Wolf award in 1999, this extraordinary film explores the social consequences of prolonged economic underdevelopment.

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  • 51 min.

    Treatment for traitors

    Bertels, Ike, 1983

    Documentary compilation from historic footage shot by the National Institute of Cinema in Mozambique which looks at the rehabilitation of former colonial government collaborators by the government of Samora Machel, the former president of mozambique.

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  • 70 min.

    Rouch's gang

    Verhey, Joost, 1998

    Jean Rouch was a universally-acclaimed filmmaker, anthropologist, civil engineer, explorer, and storyteller. He died 18 february 2004 in Birni N'Konni, Niger (car accident).

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  • 60 min.

    Grito de piedra

    Zantvoort, Ton van, 2006

    The inhabitants of the village of Potosi in Bolivia predominantly live off the yield from the mines of Cerro Rico (rich hill). For hundreds of years, they've been mining minerals like silver and zinc there. Time seems to have stood still in Potosí.

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  • 66 min.

    The factory

    Molenaar, Hillie & Wijk, Joop van, 1981

    The documentary film 'The factory' offers an unbiased view into the heart of Cuban socialism with many points of departure for discussion.

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  • 72 min.

    Sunny Spells

    Monster, Ruud, 1987

    This unique visual feast is a docu-travelogue about the Netherlands.

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  • 50 min.

    Valley of Sighs

    Goeijers, Carin, 2004

    Few marriageable women live in the remote valley of the Spanish Pyrenees. Since the early eighties busloads of young women have been invited from afar to come to parties where the male villagers hope to find potential wives among them.

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  • 54 min.

    Sark, small world

    Seelen, Joost, 2002

    If you're (or feel) a stressed out city-slicker and wonder what it would be like to live on a scenic island without cars, air-polution and far away from the hassle and bustle of your daily life then you should watch this film.

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