• 90 min.

    Hacking Justice

    Clara Lopez Rubio, Juan Pancorbo, 2017

    In the complicated context of world politics there is a saying that holds especially true: some people do good things that turn out to be bad and some do bad things that turn out to be good. Hacking Justice shows you who is who and what is what. - Red.

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  • 85 min.

    The Brussels Business

    Friedrich Moser & Mathieu Lietaert, 2012

    THE BRUSSELS BUSINESS is a docu-thriller that dives into the grey zone underneath European democracy. An expedition into the world of the 15,000 lobbyists from Multi-nationals, Banking, and Think Tanks in the EU-capital

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  • 77 min.

    Empire of Dust

    Paesschen, Bram Van, 2011

    Two men representing two different cultures clash in the dust of the former Belgian colony, the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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  • 11 min.

    Buy Buy Europe 3: Tax Haven Europe

    Vos, Pieter de, 2013

    The 80s fiscal revolution resulted in governing tax advantages in Europe. These advantages for the European elite were based on the logic that the elite is creating wealth, which the rest of the population could profit from as well.

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  • 97 min.

    Los ladrones viejos

    Gonzalez, Everardo, 2007

    Los ladrones viejos portrays a melanchonic image of the Mexico of forty years ago, when being a thief was a real profession. The former thieves are now old men serving their sentence in prison.

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  • 96 min.

    Pale peko bantu mambo ayikosake

    Paesschen, Bram van, 2008

    Every year, a variety of Congolese citizens comes to work at the old Katanga mines owned by Gecamines and dig for copper, cobalt and malachite.

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  • 56 min.


    Green Fleming, Julia, 2005

    Nicaraguense tells the story of Nicaraguan immigrants living in Costa Rica's capital, San Jose.

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  • 46 min.

    Black power

    Curtis, Adam, 1992

    'Black Power' revolves around post-colonial Ghana and President 'Kwame Nkrumah's' efforts to create a modern, industrial state. The construction of a dam (the Volta River Project) was supposed to contribute to that goal.

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  • 70 min.

    The Daily Nation

    Molenaar, Hillie & Wijk, Joop van, 2000

    In this feature documentary film we discover East Africa's biggest and most modern newspaper,The Daily Nation Kenya's only independent source of information.

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