• 58 min.

    Nuclear: Nothing to report

    de Halleux, Alain, 2009

    Pro or anti nuclear power? Essential opinions are missing from this debate, that of nuclear energy workers. Our safety is in their hands. This film gives them a voice.

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  • 69 min.

    Erebus: Operation Overdue

    Purdy, Charlotte & Burger, Peter, 2013

    This is the compelling true story of an extraordinary police operation on Antartica. On 28 November 1979, a jet carrying 257 passengers crashed into Mount Erebus, Antarctica.

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  • 90 min.

    Voices of Bam

    Horst, Aliona v.d. and Ooms, Maasja, 2006

    The powerful earthquake that struck the ancient city of Bam in southeastern Iran on December 26, 2003, killed over 43,000 people, injured 20,000, and left 60,000 inhabitants homeless. Much of the city was completely leveled.

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