• 71 min.

    The Wind in the Wheat

    Marie Devuyst, 2016

    In recent years, heirloom grain seeds, ancient cereals, have reappeared in Belgium wheat fields.

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  • 55 min.

    My Mothers Farm

    Burkovska Jacobsen, Ilze, 2008

    Tale Kalna is a magnificent woman: hardworking, clever, strong and with a great sense for human relationships. In another life, Tale Kalna may have made it to the presidency of Latvia, but reality has made her a farmer.

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  • 52 min.

    Raising Resistance

    Borgveld, Bettina & Bernet, David, 2012

    This beautiful shot documentary explores the difficult issue of contemporary soy production, where traditional agriculture has to give way to modern production techniques.

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  • 55 min.

    Vesuvio Beat

    Totaro, Maria, 2005

    For the local population of Napels, Italy the Vesuvius is much more than just a natural phenomenon. The volcano is a representation of life and death, the bringer of fertility and danger.

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  • 88 min.

    Sons of the land

    Bergeon, Edouard, 2012

    French farmers are killing themselves in record numbers, driven to suicide by loneliness, loss of status and financial woes.

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  • 50 min.

    The Price of Cotton

    Junger, Karin, 2005

    In The Price of Cotton,filmed in Mali, we meet small cotton farmers in Mali and second-generation cotton farmers in Texas who all worry about the gathering international storm around cotton subsidies.

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  • 55 min.


    Otto, Annette, 2004

    In DAMENWAHL film producer Annette Otto investigate the relation of her parents which are running a farm on the German countryside.

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