• 56 min.

    Red Coin, Blue Coin

    Marcoen, Alain, 2008

    From ring to ring, this film plunges into the world of boxing. It gives an impressionist portrait of men and women driven by this popular sport and reflects the life of a region.

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  • 55 min.

    Ring! A Boxing Story

    Barbieri, Giotto, 2006

    Dedication and hard work are the most important traits for all top sporters, including professional boxers.

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  • 58 min.

    Maserati: Story of a Legend

    Nannavecchia, Nicola & Dini, Dino, 2010

    Maserati has been one of the legends of motor racing for almost a century. Numerous interviews with the protagonists and witnesses confirm the epic deeds of Maserati.

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  • 75 min.

    Ready to fly

    Kerig, William A, 2012

    A female speed enthusiast with nerves of steel, this is an accurate description of the professional ski jumping champion Lindsey Van.

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  • 56 min.

    Black Diamonds, Fool's Gold

    Lamche, Pascal, 2010

    Being an international football player is every little boys dream. Especially in Africa, boys are encouraged to pursue a career in football in order to escape poverty.

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  • 72 min.

    Leap of Faith

    Trivedi, Valentina & Makim, Aditi, 2008

    The essence of yoga is to integrate the body with the mind and the mind with the Self.This is a famous statement of yogacharya B.K.S Iyeng.

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  • 53 min.

    Those waiting for the Birds

    Duchemin, Eve, 2008

    Are you fond of speed, races and birds and are you looking for an exciting way to spend your days? Pigeon racing might be just what you are looking for!

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  • 52 min.

    Sport, The Mental Issue

    Niezen, Lies, 2000

    This film adresses an interesting link between sports and the power of the mind. Just like the body, the mind can be trained in order for someone to become a succesful sporter.

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  • 43 min.


    Boelsums, Mirjam & Scharenborg, Lony, 1999

    The Dutch love to swim. Thanks to an extensive swimming schedule, pregnant ladies, little children, seniors and mentally disabled are all able to enjoy themselves in the Amsterdam swimming pool Marnixbad.

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  • 50 min.

    Sport, een mentale kwestie NL

    Niezen, Lies, 2000

    Deze documentaire van Lies Niezen gaat over de mentale kant van topsport. Is goud het gevolg van een mentale instelling of van jaren lang hard trainen?

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  • 40 min.

    War Between Two Villages

    Taelen, Lukas Vander, 1997

    Every year during the rain season Senegalese youth who live in the city return back to their native village. They help their family by bringing in the harvest and play in the Navetanes football competition.

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  • 38 min.

    Balls or bullets

    Heijnen, Hans, 1998

    In the notorious township of Johannesburg, Soweto, the lives of the residents are filled with criminality and violence. This documentary shows how football can be an alternative for a criminal life.

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  • 76 min.

    Taking back the Waves

    Hofmeyr, Nicolaas, 2005

    'Taking Back the Waves' portrays two world-class surfers and friends, Cass Collier en Ian Armstrong of Capetown, South-Africa.

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  • 27 min.


    Petitto, Giuseppe, 2001

    Sanpeet by Italian director Giuseppe petitto, is a story of gambling and kick-boxing. The leading character, Sanpeet Petnonnoi, is a small, beautiful, unblemished, bronzed seven year-old boy who lives in the poor region of northeast Thailand.

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