Penitentiary System

  • 54 min.

    Agapitova and the rescued ones

    Geka, Dzintra, 2009

    Images of a landscape of frozen rivers, snowy hills and abandoned cottages portray the desolate location were once thousands were forced to survive. During the 1940s, deportation to Soviets gulags in Siberia has been a death sentence for the majority.

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  • 56 min.

    The Runaway

    Pawlowski, Marek Tomasz, 2007

    The protagonist of this documentary film has led an extraordinary life, including an escape from concentration camp Auschwitz.

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  • 97 min.

    Los ladrones viejos

    Gonzalez, Everardo, 2007

    Los ladrones viejos portrays a melanchonic image of the Mexico of forty years ago, when being a thief was a real profession. The former thieves are now old men serving their sentence in prison.

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  • 50 min.

    Prison Blues

    Vredeveld, Saskia, 2002

    The Bijlmer bajes correctional facility is a highlevel penitentiary on the outskirts of Amsterdam. The documentary film Prison Blues by Saskia Vredeveld is an open and honest portrait of life inside this penitentiary.

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  • 66 min.

    When Adnan comes home

    Berends, Andrew, 2007

    The documentary is about the life of the sixteen year old Iraqi boy Adnan Ghazi. In 2003, Adnan was arrested for stealing two meters of electric cable and this was seen as a serious crime against the state of Iraq.

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  • 62 min.

    El porvenir

    Estrada, Oscar, 2008

    El porvenir tells the story of a violent clash between members of the Mara 18 gang and common prisoners at the penal farm El Porvenir; in the Honduran city La Ceiba, on the morning of April 5, 2003.

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  • 88 min.

    The island of lost children

    Jaugey, Florence, 2001

    The Island of Lost Children is based around the lives of children in Tipitapa prison, the largest correctional facility in Nicaragua, who are taking a film course.

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  • 85 min.

    Might is right

    Jean, Patric, 2003

    In director Patric Jean's film, residents of French suburban slums ('la banlieue') tell their stories of exclusion and discrimination by employers and the legal and prison systems which prevent them from participating in French society and 'normal' life.

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  • 91 min.

    Year 1, Alan Reeve after thirty years of imprisonment

    Joost Seelen, 1993

    In Year OneE filmmaker Joost Seelen sketches Alan Reeve's first year as a free man after having been in jail almost permanently over the past thirty years.

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  • 115 min.

    Back Home, roots of a new South Africa

    Kobler, Mark, 2003

    Today, more than one decade after the end of apartheid, the informative documentary 'Back Home' tells the story of three ex-inmates of Robben Island, Apartheid's high-security prison, who returned to their island of fate.

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  • 80 min.

    Procedure 769, witness to an execution

    Hoewijk, Jaap van, 1995

    Our criminal justice system is fallible. We know it! It is fallible despite our best efforts to do justice. And this fallibility is, at the end of the day, the most compelling, persuasive, and winning argument against the death penalty. - Eliot Spitzer

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