• 50 min.

    Home and Away

    Vyvere, Ann Van de, 2010

    Imagine the following situation: your house is about to explode and you have exactly three seconds to save one item. Which precious item do you rescue from the fire?

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  • 24 min.

    Affectionately known as Alex

    Turken, Danny, 2008

    In this film, four white South African veterans who fought on the border of occupied Namibia and Angola in the 70s and 80s together with thousands of other young white conscript soldiers reflect on their terrifying adventures.

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  • 58 min.

    Money for nothing

    Bruce, Jim, 2013

    The dollar is the most remarkable achievement in the history of money. This piece of paper costs nothing to produce and there i€™s nothing behind it, its value solely based on trust.

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  • 59 min.

    When bubbles burst

    Moland, Hans Petter, 2012

    When Bubbles Burst provides a fascinating glimpse into the inner workings of the global economy, examining the mechanics behind economic bubbles, crashes and suggesting trends for the future.

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  • 95 min.

    Little Alien

    Kusturica, Nina, 2009

    This film documents 8 minors who fled from the danger and hostility in their homelands and made a long, dreadful journey to safety in Austria.

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  • 56 min.

    Wall to wall

    Jean, Patric, 2008

    Wall to wall is an unique road movie, presenting the impact of migration and segregation on the lives of migrants in contemporary Europe.

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  • 82 min.

    The one man village

    Habre, Simon El, 2008

    A moving, poignant story, One Man Village is Lebanese director Simon El Habres documentary on the life of his uncle, farmer Semaan El Habre.

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  • 83 min.

    Songs from the Nickel

    Skrzeszewska, Alina, 2010

    The Los Angeles area Central City East is informally known as the Los Angeles Skid Row or the Nickel. The area is best known for its high percentage of homeless street dwellers.

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  • 51 min.

    The white elephant

    Indaco, Alexandra, 2005

    The white elephant was built in 1938 as Argentinas biggest tubercolosis hospital and is still visible from all over the slums of Buenos Aires.

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  • 50 min.

    Lust for gold

    Kraanen, Joost, 1990

    Deep in the territory of the Brazilian Amazon forty thousand gold miners live together with nine thousand Indians. As the ever-expanding gold mines push closer to the Indian reservation, tribal tradition and cultural identity stand to risk dissipation.

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  • 50 min.

    Bombay jungle

    Vellenga, Frank, 2005

    Bombay Jungle, filmed in the slums of Mumbai, looks at access to basic needs from a human rights perspective. Bombay Jungle gaat over de inwoners van de sloppenwijken van Bombay.

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  • 50 min.

    Dana Lixenberg: Through Dutch eyes

    Houwen, Pieter van der, 1999

    Through Dutch Eyes is a film about the work of the world-famous Dutch photographer Dana Lixenberg who is living in New York.

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