Yugoslavian War

  • 132 min.

    The Srebrenica Debate

    Zonlicht Producties, 2012

    On April 2, 2012 DocsOnline organized a debating night in Amsterdam about the Srebrenica Genocide. The debate was held to commemorate this tragic event in which 8.000 Muslim Bosniaks were brutally massacred by the Bosnian Serb Army.

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  • 67 min.

    Jack, de Balkan en ik NL

    Kreso, Sergej, 2008

    In 1972, gaat de Belgische-Congolese popster Jack Roskam leven in Joegoslavië. Na een grote carrière als gitaarspeler in de rockgroep “Galija”, gaat zijn leven, door de oorlog, totaal veranderen.

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  • 89 min.

    In the shadow of war

    Scott, Georgia & Scott, Sophia, 2014

    In the shadow of war tells the compelling stories of four young people as they struggle to survive a war that ended nearly 20 years ago. The physical conflict is over - but its psychological impact continues. Can they break the cycle of violence?

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  • 85 min.


    Menegazzo, Morgan, 2011

    In the documentary Warology several war experts, ranging from politicians and scientists to military officials, reflect on the evolution of warfare in the twentieth century.

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  • 36 min.

    The passenger on bus 73: Catching Karadzic

    Tellingen, Robert van, 2008

    On the 21st of juli 2008 Radovan Karadzic , one of the most wanted war criminals in the world, is arrested on a bus in Belgrade after being hunted for almost 10 years.

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  • 87 min.

    Anatomy of Evil

    Nyholm, Ove, 2004

    In war situations, some people lose the one thing that makes them human: morality. Their actions are so unreal, it makes you think they are nothing but wild animals. The Anatomy of Evil is about confronting this heartlessness.

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  • 60 min.

    Catching Mladic

    Pighetti, Oliver, 2010

    The International Criminal Tribunal wants to try Ratko Mladic for war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity. However, this war criminal has a loyal fan base in Serbia where he is being portrayed as a national hero.

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  • 50 min.

    The Tunnel and Other Lies

    Janic, Vuk, 2005

    The Tunnel and Other Lies, filmed in Bosnia, demonstrates that Access to Good Governance is essential if people are to escape the poverty trap. Two men fight different battles against a government that has respectively taken their homes and jobs.

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  • 75 min.

    First Kill

    Schrijber, Coco, 2001

    Provocatively, the film exposes the contradictory feelings of fear and excitement evoked by war and our ongoing fascination with war and its memory. What is the psychology of war?

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