• 132 min.

    The Srebrenica Debate

    Zonlicht Producties, 2012

    On April 2, 2012 DocsOnline organized a debating night in Amsterdam about the Srebrenica Genocide. The debate was held to commemorate this tragic event in which 8.000 Muslim Bosniaks were brutally massacred by the Bosnian Serb Army.

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  • 75 min.

    Far from the villages

    Zuchuat , Olivier, 2008

    Filmmaker Olivier Zuchuat joins the refugees of the Darfur conflict in eastern Chad where they create their own way of life and means of survival.

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  • 90 min.

    Welcome to Paradise

    Poutte, Manuel, 2008

    From a refugee camp to a small american town, the film depicts the destiny of a somali couple, candidate to asylum.

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  • 47 min.


    Martino, Antonio, 2010

    What happens to African asylum seekers once they have reached Italian coasts?

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  • 43 min.

    Between Heaven and Hell

    Seelen, Joost, 2002

    Between heaven and hell, is a documentary about Vught, the World War II Dutch concentration camp. In stories related by survivors, Camp Vught is portrayed as the western entrance to the hell that included Auschwitz, Bergen-Belsen, and Sobibor.

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  • 24 min.

    Angels on our shoulder

    Spitz, Andy, 2008

    On Saturday 17 march 2008, 4 days after xenophobic violence erupted in Alexandra, South Africa, the squatter camps and townships around Germiston and Primrose exploded.

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  • 54 min.

    A philosopher for all seasons

    Brunner, Benny, 1991

    This is a tribute to a famous scholar and controversial Israeli icon. Armed with a sharp mind and a strong opinion, an 88 year old Yeshayahu Leibowitz creates passionate monologues about the separation of state and religion.

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  • 54 min.

    Agapitova and the rescued ones

    Geka, Dzintra, 2009

    Images of a landscape of frozen rivers, snowy hills and abandoned cottages portray the desolate location were once thousands were forced to survive. During the 1940s, deportation to Soviets gulags in Siberia has been a death sentence for the majority.

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  • 56 min.

    The Runaway

    Pawlowski, Marek Tomasz, 2007

    The protagonist of this documentary film has led an extraordinary life, including an escape from concentration camp Auschwitz.

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  • 53 min.

    The last Witness

    Nekanda-Trepka, Michal, 2002

    The life of Jewish Samuel Willenberg is extraordinary enough to be made into an unparalleled documentary. As a young Jewish Pole, he was picked up and deported by Nazis during second world war.

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  • 52 min.

    The Portraitist

    Dobrowolski, Irek, 2005

    As a camp prisoner during Second World War, Wilhelm Brasse was ordered to photograph the faces and bodies of his fellow prisoners in Auschwitz as well as the German staff responsible for their suffering.

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  • 102 min.

    Lodz Ghetto

    Adelson, Alan & Taverna, Kate, 1989

    The film Lodz Ghetto is an unique documentation of the Holocaust in Poland during the occupation by Nazi Germany.

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  • 49 min.

    Congo files

    Alonso, Julio, 2009

    Congo files shows the current situation of Congo citizens, specifically focused on the conflicts that took place in the region of North-Kivu in the first decade of the 21st century.

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  • 24 min.

    Two Camps

    Desai, Rehad, 2009

    Two Camps exposes the difficult living conditions of African refugees around Johannesburg. Three African men discuss their experiences in the often unsafe refugee camps, as well as xenophobic attacks.

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  • 52 min.

    Secret Story: The Gulag Archipelago

    Crepu, Jean & Miletitch, Nicolas, 2008

    Alexander Solhenitsyn and his loyal group 'The Invisibles' secretly collaborated to publish one of the most important books ever written: The Gulag Archipelago (1968).

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  • 50 min.


    Cling, Daniel & Cling, Pascal, 1996

    Three survivors from Auschwitz relate how and under which circumstances they made their horrific story known since their return.

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  • 52 min.

    The return

    Verhey, Joost, 1990

    If you've read khaled Hosseini bestsellers A thousand splendid suns or Kite Runner, than the documentary film The Return by Joost Verhey is a must see. The Return takes you back to the Afghan refugee camps in 1989/1990.

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  • 86 min.

    On the threshold of oblivion

    Verheul, Ton, 2003

    Winner of the prestigious peace award at the Film festival of the independent film in Osnabrück Germany, this documentary investigates the historically very sensitive Nazi raid in the Dutch village of Putten in 1944.

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