• 72 min.

    On another skin

    Yves Mora, 2014

    Tattoos made by Kostec (Jean -Francois Decaestecker) and Jef (Jean-Francois Palumbo) are acts of freedom, of dignity, of assertiveness in the face of the world. According to their clients, tattooing is an act of emancipation.

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  • 29 min.

    Holy Face

    Bodasinki, Maciej & Dokowicz, Leszeck & Gorny, Grzegorz, 2006

    The Rector of the Shrine, Fr. Carmine Cucinelli, OFM, Cap., describes the story of Fr. Donato da Bomba regarding the arrival of the Holy Face in Manoppello in 1506 through a mysterious pilgrim to the Church of San Nicola.

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  • 55 min.

    Vesuvio Beat

    Totaro, Maria, 2005

    For the local population of Napels, Italy the Vesuvius is much more than just a natural phenomenon. The volcano is a representation of life and death, the bringer of fertility and danger.

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  • 30 min.

    De Renoir a Picasso

    Haesaerts, Paul, 1951

    This black and white film by Paul Haesaerts depicts three main divisions in the world of art, known as sensualism, intellectualism and emotionalism.

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  • 24 min.

    I, Ensor

    Haesaerts, Paul, 1972

    A face hidden behind a mask, a slightly ominous still life, the colorful Ostend rooftops, they all represent the masterpieces of Belgian artist James Ensor.

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  • 90 min.

    Ngwenya o Crocodillo

    Noronha, Isabel, 2007

    A mystical and moving portrait of the famous painter and plastic artist Malangatana Ngwenya who takes us into his home village and his studio in Maputo.

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  • 52 min.

    The Forgery

    Laan, Arjanne, 2001

    This documentary about international art forgery shows that art is big business. It is a detective story in which the German 'good guy' Scholler, is in pursuit of the 'bad guy', the Dutch forger Geert Jan Jansen (1943).

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  • 20 min.

    Visit to Picasso

    Haesaert, Paul, 1950

    'Visite à Picasso' is a classic documentary by dir. Paul Haesaerts which features the frequently used footage of Picasso painting on glass while a camera films him from the other side.

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  • 63 min.

    Miss Interpreted, Marlene Dumas

    Evenhuis, Rudolf & Verhey, Joost, 1997

    Born in Cape Town South Africa, Marlene Dumas is one of the best-known contemporary artists in the world. In her paintings, usually life-sized, she depicts human figures that wrestle with emotions.

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