America’s Great Divide, Part 1
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Obama Speech at 2004 Democratic Convention 00:01:35 Sarah Palin enters political arena, addressing the Republican side of the Great Divide 00:06:31 Sarah Palin ridiculed by the Media and Elites 00:09:30 Inauguration Day Obama| Historic significance 00:11:00 2008 Financial Crisis | 2008 Bail-out 00:15:00 Origin of the Tea Party 00:18:50 Obama Care 00:20:15 Glenn Beck | Based on numerous falsehoods Glenn about Obama, Beck became the media voice of the populist uprising against Obama 00:24:00 The Birther Movement 00:36:20 Trump enters political arena as the frontman of the birther movement 00:37:00 The Republican party recognizes the teaparty as a significant grass root force within and alligns with the movement 00:44:32 Trayvon Martin shot by police in Florida 00:51:30 Breitbar becomes the voice of populist America 00:55:00 Relelection 2012 | Obama's message changes from hope to vote for me to stop the republican opposition 00:57:00 Trump endorces Romney as Republican nominee 00:59:00 After his second Election, Obama focusses on immigration reform 01:04:00 New Town Shooting incident convinces Obama to step-up Gun Control 01:11:16 The Fergusson unrest | the fatal shooting of African American Michael Brown by police officer Darren Wilson 01:20:30 Poll 2014 | 33% American voters say Obama worst president since WWII. 01:27:50 Trump announce he may run for president 01:31:58 Charleston church shooting 01:38:25 Sarah Palin endorces Trump 01:46:30 Barack Obama left office with a final warning 01:51:47
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