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Coming Up Soon

While summer is still very much on everybody's mind, DocsOnline is working to release 30 brand new captivating documentary films during the fall and winter. Join us to receive exclusive production updates, amazing raw footage and be the first to watch the films online.

About Us

DocsOnline is one of the world’s leading Video-on-Demand services for documentary film only. Here, you have access to a continuously growing collection of currently more than 800 awarded documentary films. And every penny you spent on our service is shared directly with the documentary makers. 

We are very proud of the DocsOnline film catalogue, including many of the world’s most treasured documentaries.  In order to highlight these very best, we have structured the entire catalogue in thematic showcases. So when scrolling through our website, your are always presented with truely exiting films, conveniently related to your topical interests.

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