Image from the documentary 01 - Arne Quinze, creator of atmosphere
  • Year : 2009
  • Director : Tim De Keersmaecker

Arne Quinze, a rising star of art and design, and his relationship with Barbara Becker, have propulsed him to international celebrity. Besides focusing on Arne Quinze's life and work, this film also mirrors the value of modern art, and the construction of an artist in the world of art, design, money, business, and glamour... Art can be very lucrative, and many businessmen look to invest in young artists in hope of a potential goldmine… Arne Quinze simply oozes confidence. When asked about his opinion about our capital city, he does not hesitate for a second. Brussels has lost its sparkle due to poor policies, shady construction supervisors and bad architects. Quinze wants to turn the city around by approaching it from the different perspectives and different areas of expertise offered by “Studio Arne Quinze”. His first real statement was CITYSCAPE, a simple but extravagant piece of art that temporarily filled the small empty space between Port Louiza and Port Namur. After that, it was time for the big leagues. Besides an installation near the Flemish Parliament building, Quinze was asked to completely redesign the site of the National Administrative Centre near the Botanique. There will be a mix of offices, residential areas and parks and of course, Quinze’s flamboyant architectural features. That is if the bureaucratic problems and creative discussions with the other partners can be resolved. We must not for forget this is Belgium after all… Tim De Keersmaecker made a solid documentary about Quinze for the docuseries Hoge Bomen on Belgian Television. De Keersmaecker was forced to follow the man around at that whirlwind pace of his. Tim does have a connection with this subject since the world of design is a personal passion of his. He proved to be the perfect choice to direct a film around Quinze’s work and personality. While shooting the film, it was quite a task keeping up with Quinze’s different projects. On top of that, Arne’s assignments came from very exclusive clients. He was asked to plan the ‘demolition party’ of the Monceau hotel in Paris and to exhibit his own work in Milan together with Swarovski. Furthermore, he had to design the Louis Vuitton boutique in München and an art bar in Cologne. But there are plenty more magnificent projects on his to-do list… It is obviously impossible to pigeonhole the force that is Arne Quinze. He has a clear vision on design, art and architecture. His reputation far precedes him abroad and he can hardly keep up with the demand. Everywhere he goes, he is welcomed as a superstar, while in his own country his achievements still go unnoticed.

Social interest
This raises many questions. How did this small town boy from West Flanders manage to build and manage such an enormous design and art imperium out of nothing? How does he keep up with this fast paced lifestyle? How come he receives more appreciation abroad than in his own country? Does the Flemish obligatory modesty rear its ugly head again? Is a successful and talented individual necessarily a megalomaniac? Some spoilt, conceited person that has to be brought back down a peg or two? Or should we reserve some form of skepticism? Quinze has built himself a rock solid reputation abroad and receives a lot of help from his spouse Barbara Becker. She herself is not only a model and an actrice, but also the ex-wife of acclaimed tennis champion Boris Becker. Together, they are a power couple with paparazzi following their every move. However, it takes more than just glamour to change the world. The whole media circus around them is just a tiny detail compared to Barbara’s business sense and art connaissance. Like no other, she is able to successfully praise Arne’s work in the presence of her many connections and introduces him to celebrities and bankers. Thanks to Barbara, Arne is a personal friend of Lenny Kravitz now. The interaction between admiration and skepticism will make a very intriguing film. Moreover, we get to see how this young Flemish talent was able to blossom internationally.

Image from the documentary 01- Hill of Pleasures
  • Year : 2013
  • Director : Maria Ramos

In 2011, law and order was restored by military operation in the Hill of Pleasures slum in Rio de Janeiro. The Police Pacification Unit became the tool of Brazil’s new policy of conquering citizenship. So how do inhabitants and occupants of the Hill assess their new situation?

The Brazilian slums in Rio de Janeiro have been dominated by drug cartels for decades, with the state quietly looking on. Since 2011, the job of establishing order and security in the Morro dos Prazeres has belonged to the newly established Pacifying Police Unit (UPP). They don't have an easy task because the police aren't very popular with the locals. In this situation, new members join the force and the film follows their daily work in the local community. Can they build respect among the residents? The documentary concludes celebrated director Maria Ramos' thematic trilogy, which includes the films Justice and Behave. The latter film won The Best Film Award at One World 2008.
Image from the documentary Stotters
  • Year : 2011
  • Director : Joke Nyssen

Jef, an 18 year old boy with autism, has been suffering from severe stuttering. With his parents he undertook many tries to get rid of that stuttering, but in vain. Now, after all these years, he will face his problem again, now helped by Gert, his new therapist (a former stutterer himself).

Image from the documentary Nothing Remains
  • Year : 2012
  • Director : Natasja van Wijk

The final months of dairy shop Kors in the middle of Amsterdam South, show us the ways of one of the most declining neighbourhoods of Holland. A portrait of the eccentric Kors family, who are about to close their shop once and for all.

Image from the documentary 000Once Upon a Porn
  • Year : 2013
  • Director : John B. Root

This is everything you always wanted to know about a (French) porn shoot. You’ll see more or less normal, hardworking people, not so different from you or me. You’ll laugh along with Jasmine Arabia, Nikita Bellucci, Jessie Volt and their fellow actresses. Because believe it or not, the world of porn can be fun. It goes without saying you’ll be a voyeur, but that’s perfectly natural. Along the way, you’ll gradually start questioning your own relationship to sexuality. The film shows everything, avoiding judgment, pathos and big moral issues, a first for this type of film. The answers to your questions will come naturally, without the slightest prompting from the filmmakers. Like a feel-good movie strictly prohibited to minors that will appeal to your adventurous side.

Image from the documentary What The Cat Sees
  • Year : 2011
  • Director : Kim Brand

Disease and healing, birth and death, small operations or big events: a hospital is a place where joy and sorrow constantly alternate. The smoking area in front of the hospital serves as gathering place for visitors, patients and staff. Here it looks like time is standing still. People can relax, reflect on what's happening to them, or just chitchat about the weather. One of the most curious guests there is a grey cyper cat...

Image from the documentary Nadia's Tics
  • Year : 2011
  • Director : Laetitia Schoofs

The first day of high school is very stressful for 12-year-old Nadia. That may be true for any any seventh grader starting at a new school, but Nadia has been worrying for weeks. So much so that she is feeling physically ill. She is a bright and openhearted young lady, but as her teacher says, there's something special about her. In the short documentary Nadia's tics, she tells us about the days leading up to her first day of school. She candidly explains how she struggles with her obsessive-compulsive neuroses and anxieties, aided by the motto: to think + to do = to dare. School isn't the only thing making Nadia uneasy; daily life has plenty of surprises that make her feel anxious as well.

Image from the documentary Red Coin, Blue Coin
  • Year : 2008
  • Director : Alain Marcoen

From ring to ring, this film plunges into the world of boxing. It gives an impressionist portrait of men and women driven by this popular sport and reflects the life of a region.