Food is waste

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Winner of the Silver Dragon at the Beijing International Science Film Festival 2006, an inspiring documentary on the Cradle to Cradle design concept of the chemist Michael Braungart and the architect William McDonough. Natural resources are being depleted on a rapid scale while production and consumption are rising in nations like China and India. The waste production world wide is enormous and if we do not take any counter measures all our resources will soon have turned into one big messy landfill. But there is hope as this film shows.

Economic interest
The German chemist, Michael Braungart, and the American designer-architect William McDonough are fundamentally changing the way we produce and build. If waste would become food for the biosphere or the technosphere (all the technical products we make), production and consumption could become beneficial for the planet.

The concept
Cradle to Cradle is a design and production concept that is seen as the next industrial revolution.

  • Design every product in such a way that at the end of its lifecycle the component materials become a new resource.
  • Design buildings in such a way that they produce energy and become a friend to the environment.

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