Wall to wall


Starting near the remains of the Berlin wall in Germany, renowned film maker Patric Jean travels to the Belgian coal mining region, visits slums of Paris and Marseille and finally heads toward the South Spanish coast, last stop being the Spanish exclave city Ceuta. Wall to wall is an unique road movie, presenting the impact of migration and segregation on the lives of migrants in contemporary Europe. Throughout the film, bittersweet memories and painful observations are shared by the interviewed migrants.


Location of Berlin Wall
This clip shows the location of the Berlin Wall in the years 1961-1989, near Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin, Germany.
Congolese migrant meeting people in Belgium
A man migrated from DR Congo to Belgium. He explains how he tried to meet new people in his hometown.
Italian mineworker in Belgium
During the first half of the 20th century, a lot Italian men migrated to the Belgian coal mine district in order to work in the mines. He and his wife raised 8 kids in Belgium.
Roma camp in Paris, France
A young Roma woman tells about her life in the Roma camp just outside Paris, France. The clip consists of images of the camp and it's inhabitants.
Luxury houses next to banlieue, Marseille
A developer talks about the plans to build luxurious houses near a banlieue of Marseille. An inhabitant of the banlieue gives his opinion on the plans.
Ceuta, European exclave
This clip provides images of the European exclave Ceuta at the Moroccan shore. The fence between the European Union and Morocco is higly protected.
Immigration on Edition Nationale, France 3
This is a clip from the 19/20 Edition Nationale on France 3. The newsitem is about African migrants trying to reach Ceuta and Mellila in order to get to Europe.