That Paradise Will Be Mine


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    Winner of numerous awards, this documentary follows the day-to-day lives of three young Caucasian women in Europe who have converted to Islam. It is a frank portrayal of their struggles with the demands of marriage, relationships with their families, and societal tensions that come with their new cultural context and religious conviction.

    In Europe and the US there is heated debate about the position of Islam and its practices in Western society. Wearing the veil, for instance, is seen in the West as a symbol of a womans submission to men. The veil controversy fuels the discussion about how far conservative Islamic customs should be allowed to penetrate liberal Western society.

    Human Interest
    'That Paradise will be Mine' is a frank portrayal of what it means to be a European Muslim. Beernink's intimate portraits offer fascinating insight into why it is so difficult for those brought up in Western culture to choose a different kind of life.

  • Scenes

    Dutch woman converted to Islam
    A Dutch Muslim woman explains why she has converted to Islam. She discusses the issue with her sister.
    Parents tell about daughter's convertion to Islam
    The parents of a Dutch Muslim woman tell how they feel about their daughter having changed her religion. They say that it has been a bit of a shock at first.
    Dutch Muslim woman about Islamic clothing
    A Dutch Muslim woman explains the rules about clothing and appearances for Muslim women. The main objective is to be covered and not to draw attention from the opposite sex.
    Dutch Muslim women discussing polygamy
    Here we see a group of Muslim women in the Netherlands talking about the advantages of polygamy. Accordig to a Dutch Muslim woman in the group, a lot of people have a very negative image of a man having multiple wives.
    Dutch Muslim women getting married
    Two of the Dutch Muslim women describe their experiences with finding a husband as a Muslim. The parents of one of the women talk about this as well.
    Dutch Muslim woman listening to Nasheed
    A Dutch Muslim woman is listening to Nasheed, a certain type of music that is permitted in Islam. The song she's listening to is a song about death and it makes the woman rather emotional.
    Dutch Muslim woman and parents about her brief marriage
    A Dutch Muslim woman and her parents talk about the brief marriage the woman had with a Muslim man from Morocco, and how they all experienced it. The woman gets emotional when she hears how her parents experienced this period.
    Visit to Mecca by Dutch Muslim woman and her husband
    One of the Dutch Muslim women is paying a visit to the city Mecca together with her husband. According to the Islam, the visit to Mecca is one of the five pillars a Muslim must oblige to.
    Dutch Muslim woman wearing a face veil
    A Dutch Muslim woman is cosidering wearing a face veil to take her Islamic belief a step further. She's afraid to tell her mother and sisters about this because she doesn't like to get in an argument about it. Her mother has already stated that she is firmly against the covering of her daughter's face.
    Marriage between Dutch and Egyptian Muslims
    This clip shows the marriage of a Dutch Muslim woman with an Egyptian Muslim man, in Cairo. While the live music is playing, the family of the woman and the other guests are watching the couple.