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DUENDE is a superb investigating documentary dwelling into the mysticism of art and Spanish culture. Coming from southern Spain and strongly associated with Flamenco and Bullfighting, the wordDuende has only recently migrated to English. Like art itself it is a concept hard to pin down. People who have heard, seen or felt it, know what Duende is; others don't. Through Duende this documentary film lets you participate in the magic of creating art, song and dance. If you want to be inspired, 'Duende' is a good place to start.

Social Interest
In all Andalusia, from the rock of Jaen to the shell of C?diz, people constantly speak of the Duende and find it in everything that springs out of energetic instinct. In spanish culture Duende is a power and not a behavior, it is a struggle and not a concept. It is said: 'Duende is not in the throat; duende surges up from the soles of the feet.' Which means it is not a matter of ability, but of real live form; of blood; of ancient culture; of creative action."

Historical Interest
It is important to note that Flamenco sprang from the lower levels of Andalusian society, and thus lacked the prestige of art forms among the middle and higher classes. The roots of are not precisely known, but it is generally acknowledged that flamenco and the use of the word Duende grew out of the unique interplay of native Andalusian, Islamic, Sephardic, and Gypsy cultures that existed in Andalusia prior to and after the Reconquest. Latin American and especially Cuban influences have also been important to shape several flamenco musical forms.

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