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Watch and share any part of the most inspiring documentary film collection on the internet. At DocsOnline you'll find documentary films about culture, conflict, history and many other areas of interest. Our catalogue is fully indexed and therefore searchable at the level of scenes or sequences. For example, if you are looking for documentary fragments containing interviews just select scenes in our search engine and type the interview of your interest. We offer a variety of private and institutional memberships that cover for the copyrights and streaming costs. Feel free to chat with us if you have any questions (Use the Chat button on this page).

How does our Payment work (or Payment methods)

If you're part of a community or organisation that supports us, you have free access to all our content. Otherwise you must sign in as a subscribed member or a pay-per-minute member. As a subscribed member you'll have full and unlimited access to all our content for 8.99 euro a month (for twelve instalments). As a pay-per-minute member you have full access to our content for the duration of the viewing time you have purchased. For example, if you have purchased a 100 minutes of viewing time you can watch 40 minutes of documentary A , stop playing it, revisit - lets say 2 months later - and watch 60 minutes of documentary B until your viewing time is up.
All purchases for DocsOnline are made through PayPal's secure online transaction processing. Payments are accepted from all (major) creditcards or by transferring money from your banking account through PayPal. If you're new to PayPal, please open a free PayPal account at www.paypal.com. Do not hesitate to call or mail our
helpdesk, if you've any questions.

Why Pay?

Basically DocsOnline facilitates the direct transfer of payment between documentary-makers and their audience. Each second you’re watching one of our films 50% of our income is paid directly to the author or copyright holder. The other 50% is used to organize and facilitate our website. Any further profits are invested in the production of new independent documentaries. So, by watching any of our films you are in direct support of the filmmakers whose films you’ve been watching.